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I willingly and proudly served our country in the Marine Corps and completed two tours of duty in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom.

As I made the tough transition to a civilian life, I suffered from PTSD along with many other problematic issues. I credit all the Veterans and active duty members alike, who guided me through this terrible time, for helping me get to where I am today. After obtaining my Masters in Business Administration I wanted to find a way to pay it forward and help as many veterans, active duty personnel, and those less fortunate, as I possibly can.

Since no one would hire me after graduation, I decided to hire myself and become a realtor, entrepreneur, and veteran advocate. I now specialize in helping families either sell their house and/or find the home of their dreams.

I also help military members with applying for disability, applying for school, and provide knowledge of benefits they are "Entitled" to. If you or someone you know needs my advice or assistance I will gladly help them in any way I can.

Thank you and Semper Fidelis.


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